19. Chiesa di San Tomà

One of the most beautiful renderings of the Madonna della Misericordia, this lunette is on the side of the church of San Tomà  (San Polo 2807A). It can be easily admired since it is positioned at eye level. Mary is being crowned by two angels; no mandorla is on her chest but she seems to be pregnant. She is seated and holds her mantle with her hands where twelve kneeling brothers seek protection. It was originally part of one of the portals of the monastery of Santa Maria della Carità in Dorsoduro. According to Giordani, the relief dates from 1345 (?), according to Lorenzetti it is a Gothic work from the early XV century. It was recently cleaned. Istrian stone; 140 x 170 cm.

How to get there. Get off the vaporetto at fermata San Tomà. Follow the crowd into the only exit, Calle del Tragheto Vechio, which ends at Calle del Campaniel where you will turn right. A few steps away is Campo San Tomà. The church will be to your right. Walk around the church to Campiello San Tomà where you will see the relief.

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