20. Scuola dei Calegheri e Zavateri, Campo San Tomà

This relief is above the main portal of the Scuola dei Calegheri e Zavateri (shoemakers and cobblers) on Campo San Tomà (San Polo 2857). It was brought from the church of Santa Maria dei Servi, which was almost totally demolished in the nineteenth century. The crowned Madonna holds her cloak under which ten worshipers kneel. It was recently restored. Dated 1446; 200 x 80 cm.

How to get there. Get off the vaporetto at fermata San Tomà. Follow the crowd into the only exit, Calle del Tragheto Vecchio, which ends at Calle del Campaniel where you will turn right. A few steps away is Campo San Tomà. The scuola will be to your left.

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