7. Santa Maria Formosa, by Vivarini

This beautiful triptych by Bartolomeo Vivarini sits at home in the inviting church of Santa Maria Formosa, not too far away from Calle del Paradiso. The central panel shows Mary being crowned by two angels. She protects a large group of worshipers. The side panels (not shown) depict the encounter of Joachin and Saint Anne and the birth of the Virgin. Vivarini was born in Venice in 1432 and died in Murano after 1491. This work is dated and signed (1473).

How to get there. From Calle del Paradiso, cross Ponte del Paradiso to Fondamenta del Dose. Rght in front of you there will be a door with the sculpture of a turbaned-man's head above it. Vivaldi once lived there. Turn right and cross Ponte dei Preti and continue on Fondamenta dei Preti. The church of Santa Maria Formosa will be in front of you to your left.

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