8. Calle de Mezo

Four confrères seek protection under Mary's cloak. There is a crown on her head and on her chest the emblem of the Scuola de la Carità. Next to it is a plaque that reads "Legato Nicolai Quartari (1897)" reminding us who restored the house. Castello 6613, Calle de Mezo. Stone carving (1553).

How to get there. From Campo Santa Maria Formosa take Calle Longa Santa Maria Formosa (on the NE side of the campo) to the end on Rio de San Severo. Make a left turn on Fondamenta Tetta and cross the bridge of the same name. Continue on Calle Tetta to Ponte de l'Ospedaleto, cross the bridge and continue on Calle de l'Ospedaleto to the end on Barbaria de le Tole. Turn right on Barbaria. After about 100 meters it becomes Calle del Cafetier. Continue on to Campo Santa Giustina where you should turn left to Calle de le Capucine. Calle del Mezo is a few meters aways to your left. The Madonna is up on the right wall.

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