31. Chiesa delle Eremite

The Church of the Eremite (also known as Romite) was under restoration during several of my visits to Venice, and for many years I was not able to get inside. The church is still closed to the public, however, a wonderful nun (and a little bit of Italian) helped me finally, after so many attempts, see and take a photo of the beautiful Madonna della Misericordia. The wood relief is located in the presbytery of the church. It probably comes from the Scuola della Misericordia, since like the relief in that Scuola and now in London, there is a Tree of Jesse behind the Madonna. Mary opens her golden mantle to a large number of monks in white robes. The Tree of Jesse, also in golden tones, is  over a blue background; (200 cm x 190 cm).

How to get there. From the Accademia vaporetto stop: go towards the Accademia Galleries building and once you pass the main door make a right turn. The street will take you to Fondamenta Priuli where you turn left and cross the first bridge, Ponte de le Maravegie. This takes you to Calle de la Toletta that soon becomes a fondamenta. Make a left turn on Fondamenta Ca' Lombardo (right before Ponte Lombardo) and another left turn on Fondamenta di Borgo. Cross the first bridge, Ponte de le Romite, and the church will be right in front of you.

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