25. Campo Santa Maria Formosa

Illustration by Giovanni Gravembroch (1761)

An eroded Madonna della Misericordia in Campo Santa Maria Formosa sculpted on the well head next to the apse of the church. The well dates from 1512 and was restored in 1756. The crowned Madonna protects with her mantle four kneeling worshipers. 

How to get there. From Calle del Paradiso, cross Ponte del Paradiso to Fondamenta del Dose. Right in front of you there will be a door with the sculpture of a turbaned-man's head above it. Vivaldi once lived there. Turn right and cross Ponte dei Preti and continue on Fondamenta dei Preti. The church of Santa Maria Formosa will be in front of you to your left. Several representations of the Madonna della Misericordia are nearby (#5, 6 and 7).

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