24. Campo San Alvise

An almost imperceptible but unmistakable Madonna della Misericordia in Campo San Alvise right across from the church. I was very happy to find out that one of my favorite spots in Venice also has a Madonna della Misericordia if one dares to look hard. Made of a soft stone, called pietra di Nanto. According to Rizzi, it dates from the XIV- XV century or it could be an imitation from the XIX. It seems that there is a mandorla with Baby Jesus inside. Canareggio 3201.

How to get there. From the Madonna de l'Orto church, as you face the church take Fondamenta Madonna de l'Orto to the left; cross the canal and take Calle Loredana to Fondamenta de la Sensa where you make a right turn to Calle del Capitelo (about a 100 meters) which will take you to Ponte San Alvise and Campo San Alvise.

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