Venice by Boat

The sight of a large cruise ship navigating the Giudecca Canal always evoked in me words like monstrous, colossal and grotesque. I tried to put those negative feelings aside when I booked a cruise departing from and returning to Venice on the Costa Serena. My excuse: I wanted to see the same seas and the same shores that the Venetians saw in times of the Republic.
With ports of call in Bari, Katakolon in the Peloponnese, Izmir in Asia Minor, Istanbul and Dubrovnik, this cruise promised to take me on voyage in space as well as in time. The departure from Venice, at sunset right before the rising of a full moon, was a magical moment that I will for ever treasure.

Leaving Venice

How many campanili can you identify?

San Nicolò dei Mendicoli

Anzolo Rafael and the stazione marittima

Ponte Longo on Rio de San Trovaso

S. Maria della Visitazione and Gesuati churches 
Spirito Santo church and scuola

Rio de S. Vio and Ponte de la Calcina

Rio Terà ai Saloni

Rio de la Fornace and Ponte de Ca' Balà

Church of La Pietà and Ponte del Sepolcro

Rio and Ponte de l'Arsenal

Via Garibaldi

La Marinarezza

Rio de S. Isepo and Ponte S. Domenego

Rio dei Giardini

Church of Sant' Elena

San Servolo

Seeing the Seas

I selected a few pictures from the voyage. Only those with coastlines, saints, musicians, windows, signs, paving stones, mosaics and even holes in the wall that reminded me of Venice made the cut.

Bari. Church of San Nicolò   
Bari. Norman Castle 

Katakolon. Peloponnese coastline 
Peloponnese coastline 

House of the Virgin Mary, near Ephesus, Turkey 
House of the Virgin Mary 

Izmir, Turkey  
Library in Ephesus, near Izmir, Turkey. No relation to Venice, but beautiful anyway

Ephesus. Paving stone reminded me of tria chiseled on Salizada S. Pantalon in Venice .
Asia Minor coastline

Mosaics in Hagia Sophia, Istanbul 
Mosaics in Hagia Sophia, Istanbul 

Hippodrome of Constantinople, Istanbul, where the horses of San      Marco used to be    
Musicians in Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, reminded me of Carpaccio's "Triumph of Saint George" in the Scuola di S. Giorgio degli Schiavoni

Istanbul,  the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia   Dubrovnik, Croatia (old name Ragusa) was under Venetian dominion

Dubrovnik. Notice the holes protruding from the walls 
Dubrovnik. Sponza Palace 

Dubrovnik, old Custom House (Dogana)   
Dubrovnik, city walls 

Arrival in Venice

The approach to port in the early hours of the morning brought the sweet promises of the return.

Lido Airport

Fortress Sant' Andrea and Le Vignole behind 
La Certosa

Fortress Sant' Andrea. Casanova was imprisoned here years before his most famous stay and escape from the "piombi".

Rio and Ponte del Vin

Ponte de l'Umiltà 

Rio de le Toresele and Ponte agli Incurabili

Rio de San Basegio and Ponte Molin

Port of Venice. Deconsecrated church of Santa Marta. Notice the wall that divides the port from the rest of the city