30. Corte Sabion

A relatively modern Madonna della Misericordia on Fondamenta Ospedaleto at the entrance of Corte Sabion, across from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Dorsoduro. Two worshipers are protected under Mary's mantle. A crown adorns the top of a scalloped field of which the Madonna occupies the left half. The emblem of the Scuola della Misericordia is at the bottom. Dorsoduro, next to 373.

How to get there. From the Salute vaporetto stop, cross Ponte de l'Abazia, cut across Campo San Gregorio, go over Rio de la Fornace on Ponte San Gregorio to Campiello Barbaro. Exit the campiello by the fondamenta and you will be on Fondamenta de l'Ospedaleto. The Madonna is a few meters away above an archway.

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