22. Santa Maria del Giglio

Relief in Istrian stone (40 x 60 cm) in the building next to the church of Santa Maria del Giglio (Zobenigo) on Calle del Piovan, San Marco 2542. It shows the standing Madonna with a mandorla on her chest protecting four kneeling worshipers. It is located above the door to the chapel of l'Addolorata, some 3.5 meters from the ground. End of XIV, beginning of XV cent. If you are going to take pictures, make you that you do not bother the people living on the upper floors. They get easily irritated by tourists.

How to get there. From Piazza San Marco, exit the piazza from the southwestern corner; take Salizada San Moise, Calle Larga XXII Marzo which after a sharp left turn becomes Calle de le Ostreghe which will take you to Campo Santa Maria Zobenigo. From the vaporetto stop Santa Maria del Giglio walk straight ahead, the church is  about 100 meters away.

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