3. Merceria de l'Orologio

This "capitello" is on the facade of Ca' Tomasi, San Marco 216, a few meters away from the Piazza. The stone carving depicts Mary protecting four worshipers on each side. Two angels hold her cloak. Christ Child is in a mandorla on Mary's chest. The upper part of the relief shows Christ held by two angels. The inscription SMV, for Santa Maria Valverde, another name for Madonna della Misericordia, can be read below the relief. 180 x 110 cm. Dated 1492.

4. Calle dei Baloni

Around the corner from the Madonna della Misericordia on the Merceria, this white stone relief depicts Mary protecting two worshipers. Baby Jesus is in a mandorla on the Virgin's chest. Mary wears a crown and her feet rest on a crescent moon, San Marco 203, Calle dei Baloni. 100 x 60 cm. Dated 1758.

How to get there. Go under the clock tower  (Torre de l'Orologio) in Piazza San Marco. The street is called Merceria (or Marzaria) de l'Orologio. The first intersection to the left is Calle dei Baloni. One Madonna is on the left corner, the other on Calle dei Baloni on the north wall, both on the second floor. At eye level you can admire two other representations of the Madonna della Misericordia: #28 is on the column at the intersection and #29 a few meters away on the Merceria, also on a column at eye level at the north end of the building.

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