9. Ponte dei Gesuiti

Next to the Gesuiti bridge (Cannaregio 4858), this relief dated 1495 shows Mary wearing a crown and with the emblem of the Scuola de la Carità on her chest. The houses to the left of the bridge were owned by the scuola.

How to get there. From the Ca' d'Oro vaporetto stop follow the crowd into Calle Ca' d'Oro and to Strada Nova. Make a right turn on Strada Nova to its end in Campo S.S. Apostoli. At the left-hand corner of the campo you'll find Salizada del Pistor. Take this salizada to Rio Terà dei Franceschi where you will make a right turn. You will pass by one of the few movie theaters in Venice (Cinema Giorgione). Continue in the same direction to Rio Terà S.S. Apostoli where you will make a left turn. After about 100 meters, the street comes to an end on Rio Terà Barba Frutariol. Ahead and slightly to your right you will see a narrow street, Calle del Spezier. At the end of this calle is Ponte dei Sartori. After crossing this bridge stay on your right and take Salizada Seriman. At the end of this street you will find Rio de S. Caterina and Ponte dei Gesuiti.

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