15. Accademia, by Jacobello del Fiore

Triptych of the Madonna della Misericordia, Saint John the Baptist and Saint John Evangelist at her side. Baby Jesus sits on a rainbow, symbol of the covenant between God and Man. An old invocation for the Virgin Mary that originated in Ethiopia was "Ark of Covenant." The upper quatrefoils show the Annunciation: Gabriel on the left and Mary on the right. This tempera on wood was painted between 1415 and 1436 (most likely closer to 1415). Jacobello del Fiore was born and died in Venice (1370-1439); 86 x 113 cm.


16. Accademia, by da Murano

The Madonna della Misericordia crowns this triptych by Andrea da Murano depicting Saints Vincent Ferrer, Roch, Sebastian and Peter Martyr. The lunette is on panel. Mary is surrounded by Saints Dominic, Thomas Aquinas, Catherine of Sienna and Louis (?). Andrea was active between 1462 and 1502. It has been argued that this work was probably painted around 1478 after an outbreak of the plague as the presence of Saint Roch suggests; 80 x 199 cm.

17. Accademia, by Paolo Veneziano

This is probably the oldest Madonna della Misericordia in Venice, dated circa 1325. Two worshipers seek protection under the right arm of Mary who, on her left hand, holds a mandorla with Baby Jesus sitting on a rainbow.

How to get there. By vaporetto, get off at the Accademia stop. From Piazza San Marco, exit the Piazza through the left-hand corner on the west side. Take Calle Seconda de l'Ascension which soon becomes Salizada San Moisè. Cross Ponte San Moisè and continue straight ahead. You will be in fashionable Calle Larga XXII Marzo with its many boutiques, plush hotels and restaurants. As the streets narrows it veers to the left and becomes Calle de le Ostreghe. Continue in the same direction, soon after crossing the bridge you will be in Campo Santa Maria Zobenigo or Santa Maria del Giglio (Madonna # 22 is nearby). Exit the campo continuing in the same direction. After crossing a couple of bridges you will be in Campo San Maurizio. Cut across the campo and exit it through the right-hand corner. Cross Ponte San Maurizio and after a few yards you will be in Campo San Stefano. Cut across the campo veering to the left to Campiello San Vidal. Make a turn around the former church of San Vidal, now an art gallery and concert hall, to Campo San Vidal. Ponte de l'Accademia is at the end of the campo. This is one of the four bridges on the Grand Canal. Cross the bridge and pause to admire one of the most beautiful views in Venice; the Accademia museum is to the right of the bridge.

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