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February 15, 2019

San Giorgio Maggiore, San Marco

Where are we?

February 8, 2019

Scuola Levantina, Ghetto Vecchio, Cannaregio.

Bimà, Scuola Levantina. According to tradition the imposing bimà is the work of  wood-carving artist
Andrea Brustolon (1662-1732) from Belluno.

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February 1st, 2019

Rio de San Barnaba, Dorsoduro

Do you recognize the spot that inspired this painting by Lee Jian? Answer

January 25, 2019

John Ruskin had a very low esteem for the architecture of the High Renaissance and the Baroque, a sentiment that we do not share at aloverofvenice. Here is what he has to say about the façade of the Ospedaletto and other buildings of the period that he calls the Grotesque Renaissance:
About the Ospedaletto: "The most monstrous example of the Grotesque Renaissance which there is in Venice; the sculptures on its façade representing masses of diseased figures and swollen fruit."
"It is almost worth devoting an hour to the successive examination of five buildings, as illustrative of the last degradation of the Renaissance. S. Moisè is almost clumsy, S. Maria Zobenigo the most impious, S. Eustachio the most ridiculous, the Ospedaletto the most monstrous, and the head at S. Maria Formosa the most foul." (from "The Stones of Venice," volume III).

Ospedaletto, Castello

San Moisè, San Marco

Santa Maria Zobenigo, San Marco

San Stae (San Eustachio), Santa Croce

Santa Maria Formosa, Castello

January 18, 2019

Abbazia S. Gregorio, Dorsoduro.
Behind the Gothic portal, surmounted by Saint Gregory's relief,  is a beautiful cloister
from 1342. Next door is the Neo-Gothic palace, Palazzo Genovese, now a luxury hotel. The abbazia was once a
wedding present from the American heiress Barbara Hutton to her groom, Cary Grant. Despite the present, the marriage lasted
only three years.

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January 11, 2019

Rio e Ponte dei Santi Apostoli, Cannaregio

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January 4, 2019


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December 28, 2018

Happy New Year!!!

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