House of the actor Cesco Baseggio (Treviso, 1897- Catania, 1971) between 1911 and 1934. Baseggio was famous across Italy and Europe for his interpretation of colorful Venetian characters in plays by Carlo Goldoni but he also performed in plays by Giacinto Gallina, Renato Simoni and Shakespeare.
Fondamenta di Borgo, Dorsoduro.

The beautiful and intriguing bronze medallion that adorns the door, Gong di Hiroshima (1961), is the work of the sculptor Luciano Ceschia (1925-1991) originally from the province of Udine. Ceschia was a prolific artist who worked in many different media: wood, stone, metal, ceramic. He produced a series of similar but unique pieces called "Gong di Hiroshima," (

Many thanks to Bert, and to the innate sleuth in him, for pointing out that there is an inscription on the bottom right of the medallion that I hadn't seen that says "CESCHIA". From there all the pieces fell into place. Still, the connection between Baseggio and Ceschia, if any, and why the medallion is on this door remain a mystery. Was the medallion owned by Baseggio? Did Ceschia live in this house during his studies in Venice in the late 1940s?