We are standing on Ponte de la Guerra (Rio de San Zulian) on the border between the sestieri of San Marco and Castello.
To our right, in Castello, is Palazzo Vegia-Tasca-Papafava  (16th century). The portal comes from Palazzo Tasca in Portogruaro.
Ponte Balbi is head of us.

The name "de la Guerra" may be due to the Guerra dei Pugni (War of Fists) that took place on this bridge (among others).
Resini ("Venezia, I Ponti") and Tassini ("Curiosità Veneziane") mention this as the possible origin of the name. However, Tassini also adds that some authors believe that the name is due to a fight in which a column of the Bajamonte Tiepolo insurgents engaged after their defeat in Piazza S. Marco in 1310.