Chapel of the Rosary, Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo.
This chapel, originally dedicated to San Domenico, was consecrated in 1582 to the Madonna del Rosario
on whose anniversary day, October 7, 1571, the battle of Lepanto took place. At Lepanto, the
Holy League formed by the Republic of Venice, Spain and the Papal States, among others, defeated the
Ottoman Empire and prevented its expansion into Western Europe. The Venetians credited the Madonna del
Rosario for their victory and in 1575 created the Scuola del Rosario. The Madonna del Rosario or Our Lady of the Rosary
is also known as Our Lady of Victory or Notre-Dame des Victoires.

The beautiful wooden dossals on the side walls are the work of Giacomo Piazzetta (end 17th cent.) and were
originally in the Scuola de la Carità. The marble statues and carvings on the sides of the chancel are the work
of Alessandro Vittoria (end 16th cent.)