Sotoportego Dolfin, off Campiello Riccardo Selvatico, Cannaregio.
Riccardo Selvatico, poet, playwright, politician, was born in Venice on April 16, 1849, not too far from here in a house on Ponte S. Antonio, Castello.

He conceived the idea of an international art exhibition in Venice and the Biennale was born. He gave the inaugural address in 1895.
A bronze by the great Pietro Canonica, in the Biennale's gardens, remembers him. What is poignant about this sculpture is Selvatico's stare in relation to the location. He is looking out at the most beautiful panoramic view of Venice, from the Lido to San Marco, with the eyes of a visionary, his gaze perpetually lost in the horizon. He seems bored in this place of pure wonderment. But I guess that's what marks the difference between visionaries and the rest of us.

Happy birthday Riccardo Selvatico!